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Bizarre Love

Over lunch with a colleague at California Pizza Kitchen (showcased in the show The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency, where Janice found one of her best models), we marveled over how the passion of love can influence adult decision making. I shared with him that Billy Bob Thornton was so in love with Angelina Jolie, and she with him, that he had a nurse extract his blood which he sent to Angelina when she was on location filming, and she wore it in an ampule around her neck. Billy Bob described that he and Angelina spent Christmas cutting their fingers and dabbing messages in blood on walls above their bed. He was quoted as saying, “…I had to restrain myself from literally squeezing her to death …Sex for us is almost too much.” Too much? Must have been because all of us know who Angelina is married to now.

Article on Angelina and Billy Bob and Harry Crosby (who I will write about in detail later)

My colleague then shared that the English Romantic poet, Percy Blysshe Shelley, after being expelled form Oxford at 19 years old, travelled with his friend, 16 year old Harriet Westbrook, whom he eventually married, but deserted while she was pregnant with his second child for Mary Godwin, who eventually became Mary Shelley, of Frankenstein fame. He traveled with Mary and her stepsister, Jane Clairmont (ménage a trois?). Harriet drowned herself in despair in Hyde Park, and then Shelley and Mary married. Shelley drowned at 30 years old in a storm while sailing his schooner, the Don Juan. During Shelley’s cremation, Edward Trelawny reached into the pyre and snatched his heart and gave it to Mary, who kept it wrapped in silk until her death, when it was interned next to her grave at St. Peter’s Church. Bizarre love? You decide.

Online editions of Mary Shelly’s works

Another example of bizarre love is/was Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme’s relationship with Charles Manson, recalled upon her parole today (August 5, 2009) at the age of 60. She tried to kill Gerald Ford with a gun that had an empty clip, despite her thorough familiarity with fire arms. In 1978 she described her feelings towards Mansion. She described him “a once-in-a-lifetime soul…. He’s got more heart and spirit than anyone I’ve ever met.” She said she still corresponded with him. “He’s got everything he wants coming from me, ’cause he gave me everything.”

Interesting article on Lynette Fromme

By Bizarre Behavior & Culture Bound Syndromes

Dr. Kevin Volkan is a psychologist, writer, and educator with over twenty years of clinical, corporate, and academic experience. He is Professor of Psychology at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) and is on the graduate medical Faculty in the Community Memorial Health System. Dr. Volkan was one of the founding faculty at CSUCI which is the 23rd campus in California State University system where he teaches a course on atypical psychopathologies titled Bizarre Behaviors and Culture-Bound Syndromes. This course explores the outer range of extreme human behavior including paraphilias and was the inspiration for this blog. Consonant with his interest in deviant psychopathologies he also teaches clinical psychology and a course on the psychology of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Dr. Volkan has been a Silberman Seminar Fellow at The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC in 2010 and 2014. Before coming to CSUCI, Dr. Volkan was a faculty member at Harvard Medical School where he researched ways to measure medical student and physician performance, and the psychological origins of medical error. While at Harvard, Dr. Volkan also taught for the prestigious Harvard-Macy Institute, a joint program run by the Harvard Business, Education, and Medical schools. In this program he taught medical students and physicians from Harvard as well as from all over the world. Dr. Volkan’s background in psychology is varied and he maintains an active interest in several psychological approaches to understanding human nature – including socio-biological, psychoanalytic, psychometric, and cognitive-behavioral. He has had a long-standing interest in the psychology of compulsive drug use (which has similarities to the psychology of paraphilias), and has published a book on the subject. Dr. Volkan worked as a clinical psychologist for many years. This experience included serving as staff psychologist and Vice Chair of psychology at Agnews State Hospital in San Jose. During his tenure at Agnews, Dr. Volkan worked with patients who demonstrated many severe behavioral problems, including profoundly autistic, psychotic, self-injurious, and developmentally disabled individuals. Dr. Volkan was awarded the Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award from the State of California for his clinical work. In addition to his hospital work, Dr. Volkan also maintained a private practice in psychology in the San Francisco Bay Area. He served as a psychologist for the California Victim Witness program, seeing patients who were victims of crime and/or abuse. Dr. Volkan’s clients included a diverse population of people representing a wide variety of socioeconomic strata and psychological distress. Dr. Volkan received a BA in Biology from the University of California, an MA in Psychology from Sonoma State University, an EdD in Educational Psychology from Northern Illinois University, a PhD in Clinical Psychology from The Center for Psychological Studies, and a MPH in Public Health from Harvard University. In his spare time he practices martial arts and plays guitar in a rock band.

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