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Baba Challenge, Sex Dolls, and Sarah Palin

It will never be an Olympic Sport, and Michael Phelps would certainly never participate for fear of losing his endorsements, but the Baba Challenge is a popular event which consists of traversing white water rapids while atop female blow-up dolls. The participants in this event, which takes place outside of St. Petersburg, Russia, are almost exclusively male, though both men and women are enthusiastic spectators.

What is the explanation for the seemingly exclusive interest in female blow-up dolls by men? The obvious is that sexual relationships with other people take effort – especially the relationship part. Dolls provide a way to skip this and get straight to the sex. Less satisfying? Perhaps. But for some men this may a trade-off that is worthwhile. Sex dolls don’t require conversation, do not need to be impressed, don’t care if you have a job, or if you live in your parent’s basement. And they are readily available online (BTW, none of the actual dolls look anything like the pictures shown). The company Topco even came out with a This Is Not Sarah Palin love doll in case there was any interest in fulfilling those erotic fantasies so many men were sharing on the internet. Perhaps not too many men were lusting after Sarah since Topco no longer sells the doll (you may still be able to find some in stock if you search online sex toy sites).

Of course, as mentioned in our post on 2-D Love, some men have given up on relating to real women altogether. Yet for some of these men, a pillow with a likeness of a female character is not enough, and they prefer a 3-D inanimate lover….or many of them.

And for the more well-heeled, a Real Doll can be had for somewhere north of $5000. Boy Toy is producing a line of dolls inspired by anime and comic book women. This company obviously understands its market…..

Of course the ladies should not feel left out. The Real Doll company makes male dolls to your specifications.

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