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.Here is a very interesting article from Gizmodo. It sort of extends from the post of 2-D love and fembots. The guy interviewed in the article – Zoltan – has created an artificial girlfriend Alice. Zoltan works as a video game repairman and lives with his elderly parents. Although there are not any pictures of Alice, we are told that she is powered by artificial intelligence providing Zoltan what he feels to be a real interaction. Alice reminds me of Karen, the SpongeBob Squarepants character Plankton’s computer wife. Like Karen, Alice readily gives her opinion on Zoltan’s behavioral choices. Not everyone agrees that Alice has free choice. In fact, some think she is nothing but a sex slave, held against her will. There is even a sparse blog dedicated to freeing Alice, and Zoltan’s website is supposedly shut down due to criticism about his treatment of Alice.

Check out this serious article in Scientific American about the possibility of marriage between humans and robots.

Interestingly enough the thought of having a robot lover is not new. The website paleofuture has posted excerpts from a 1928 article about robot gigolos!